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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

In order for you to easily create an organisation/infrastructure account, we invite you to watch the following tutorials which are meant to guide you through the few required procedures:

How to create an organization account

How to create an infrastructure account

1. Why be a member of ERRIS?
The platform facilitates easy and effortless access to services associated to the registered infrastructures. The reputation system provides the clients the opportunity to evaluate the research infrastructures, hence leading both to an informed choice for the interested beneficiaries, and to an efficient promotion of the infrastructures. 

2. How do I access a service?
If you want to access a service related to an infrastructure, the first step is to register on the platform (Register button). ERRIS provides a functionality named ”Request Access” associated to each service, in order to initiate the dialogue with the service contact person. After having using the service or tried to receive information about it, you are invited, via email, to rate the service by filling out a form provided by the platform. Sharing the experience you have had while using the equipments and communicating with the staff is important not only for the community, but also for establishing the reputation of the infrastructures.

3. What happens if I am the organisation account administrator?
The organisation account administrator is named by the institution representatives.The named owner of the account will receive an email notification with a username and password. After registration, the administrator has the right to appoint infrastructure admins by adding their email addresses in designated fields. Also, the account administrator can edit the information regarding the institution and also list all the infrastructures affiliated to it.   

4. What happens if I am the infrastructure account administrator?
The infrastructure account administrator is appointed by the organisation account administrator. Following a confirmation email, the infrastructure administrator receives the rights to upload and update the information about the infrastructrure (short description, list of services, list of equipment, photos etc). He also assigns a contact person for each of the services listed on the infrastructure page. 

5. What happens if I am the service contact person?
The service contact person is appointed by the infrastructure account administrator. Following a confirmation email,  the service contact person will administrate the communication with anyone interested in the respective service. The service contact person responds to any information demands regarding the availability, the specifics of the equipment etc. and manages the booking requests. The service contact person provides any information the infrastructure adminstrator may request in order to update the infrastructure page. 

6. How do I find relevant information?
Every keyword is searched within a specific item lists (institution, infrastructure, equipment, service, domains, persons). The result of the Search function will be represented by those infrastuctures which contain the respective keyword.

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