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•  Scanning Electron Microscope with field emmision
•  Atomic Force Microscope
•  Metallographic optical microscope for investigations in light / dark / and polarized light, with acquisition and image analysis software with applications in metallurgy
•  Metallographic microscope
•  Special alloys elaboration furnace with cold crucible, operation in vacuum and controlled atmosphere (argon)
•  Optical emission spectrometer for quantitative analysis of the elements in solid metal and non-metal samples
•  Flaw detector with ultrasounds and multi-layer feeler
•  Equipment for thickness measurements with Ultrasounds for metallic materials
•  Equipment for measuring material layer thickness
•  Video-endoscopy equipment with video recording of the images for visual examination of the surfaces in places accessible only with optoelectronic devices
•  Magnetic yoke for non-destructive investigations with magnetic powders, colored and fluorescent
•  Universal Traction Machine 250KN, in dynamic and static modes, equipped with a heating furnace for temperatures up to 900oC
•  Hammer for shock-bending tests (resistance)
•  Universal Static Hardness tester
•  Equipment for determining the creep behavior
•  Corrosion testing chamber with saline mist spray, used for testing corrosion resistance on metallic materials
•  X-Ray Fluorescence Spectrometer
•  X-Ray Diffraction Spectrometer
•  Atomic Absorbtion Spectrometer with flame
•  Atomic Absorbtion Spetrometer with Graphite Furnace
•  UV-VIS Molecular Absorption Spectrometer
•  Capillary Electrophoresis Instrument
•  Liquid Chromatograph coupled with Mass Spectrometer
•  Sputter Coater
•  Universal Lathe
•  Universal Mill
•  Cutting equipment for metallographic samples with abrasive disk
•  Mounting press for metallographic samples with automatic hydraulic compression and automatic cooling system of the sample
•  Polishing equipment with automatic gripping head for the samples with 4 positions
•  Polishing equipment with automatic electro-polishing
•  Pellet Press Machine
•  Mill Machine
•  Micro-Hardness Testing equipment
•  Portable Hardness Tester
•  Atomic Absorption Spectrometer
•  Dynamics Autoclave
•  Zetasizer
•  HPLC with Triple Quadrupol LC / MS
•  FTIR Spectrometer
•  Electrospinning equipment
•  Potentiostat / Galvanostat

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