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•  Measurement of environmental parameters
•  Sensors based on thin films and microfibres technologies
•  Multisensor distributed measurement systems
•  Development and testing of automated measurement systems
•  Digital signal processing in instrumentation
•  Digital image processing, computer vision and human computer interfaces
•  Behavior characterization services for solid and liquid dielectrics and/or insulators
•  Analysis of insulators quality on the basis of space charge behaviour via TSDC
•  High precision electrical measurements
•  Rapid Prototyping, Material flaw detection, Material research
•  Distributed measurement systems
•  EMF Measurements and Simulation
•  Biological effects of electromagnetic fields
•  New materials and techniques for electromagnetic shielding
•  Processing and analysis of biological signals
•  ESD Immunity Tests
•  Semiconductors characterization
•  Design, programming and implementation for measurement and monitoring systems.
•  Technologies: Windows Forms, ASP-MVC, jQuery, CSS, Visual Studio Team Services
•  Characterization services for materials in terms of electrochemical properties
•  Characterization services for capacitance/dissipation factor testing
•  Simulation with specialized software of electrochemical or dielectric properties for materials development
•  Sensory systems for robotics and mechatronics
•  Embedded systems based on microcontrollers and FPGA
•  Low-level measurements and applications
•  Electromanipulation of nanoparticles.
•  E4407B ESA-E Spectrum Analyzer
•  FS300 Spectrum Analyzer
•  HM5014-2 Spectrum Analyzer
•  AT4002A Horn antenna (2 units)
•  7405 E & H Near Field Probe Set
•  HZ530 Near Field Sniffer Probes
•  Scan EM-C Pre-Compliance Probes, Model CTK031
•  EM EYE - Electromagnetic Field, RF Signal and ESD Event Meter, Model CTM041
•  Smart Fieldmeter, Model RFP-04CE
•  RF Signal Generator, Model 2910
•  Standard test fixture for evaluation of the electromagnetic shielding effectiveness of planar materials, EM-2107A
•  NF-5035 EMF Spectrum Analyzer
•  Triple Axis EMF Tester, Model 480826
•  NSG 435 ESD Simulator
•  ESD Calibration Target, MD 101
•  DPO7254 Digital Oscilloscope
•  EM Aware - ESD Event Monitor, Model CTC034
•  4200-SCS Semiconductor Characterization System
•  2635B Single-Channel SourceMeter
•  6517A Electrometer / High-Resistance Meter
•  Resistivity Test Fixture, Model 8009
•  Digital Multimeter / Data Acquisition / Datalogging System, Model 2700
•  Instek GSP-827 Spectrum analyzer
•  Precision RLC meter Agilent 4285A
•  Precision LCR meter Agilent4263B
•  Keithley 6487 Picoammeter/Voltage source
•  Keithley 6221 AC and DC Current Source
•  Keithley 2601 Sourcemeter
•  Keithley 2000 6-1/2-DMM Digital multimeter
•  METRAHit 28C Calibrator
•  FM302 Teslameter
•  LPKF ProtoMat E34 PCB prototyping machine
•  Linary 60kV Web Electrospinning setup
•  Intercovamex TE 12 PVD Sputtering system
•  TDS 210 Digital Real-Time Oscilloscope
•  TDS 2024B Digital Oscilloscope
•  TDS 2014 Digital Oscilloscope
•  Picotest M3500A Digital Multimeter
•  AFG310 Arbitrary Function Generator
•  EA-PSI 6032-03 Programmable POWER SUPPLY
•  PSS-4005 Digital switching power supply
•  AFG-2225 Arbitrary Function Generator
•  ANALYST 2060 Power Quality Clamp Meter
•  NI cRIO-9074 Integrated 400 MHz Real-Time Controller
•  NI cRIO-9022 Real-Time Controller
•  XCD V60CR Professional High Speed Color Camera
•  Jetson TK1 GPU Based video processing development kit
•  Zeiss Axio Lab.A1 Microscope
•  PXI Platform Multifunction Data Acquisition (DAQ)
•  Zeenit 700 AAS Spectrophotometer
•  DR 2800 UV-VIS Spectrophotometer
•  MultiRAE Plus Gas analyzer
•  Wohler A500 Burning gas analyzer
•  Precisa XT 220A Precision analytic balance
•  Digesdahl Digestion mineraliser apparatus
•  Pulsar 30 Sound level meter and spectral analyzer
•  Orion 1230 pH/mV/ORP/Conductivity/Salinity/Dissolved Oxygen Meter
•  BOD System Oxidirect Equipment for direct measurement of biochemical oxygen demand
•  NI-WSN Hardware modules for wireless sensors networks building
•  LabVIEW Academic site software including Circuit Design suite
•  Broadband Dielectric Spectrometer
•  Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy Module
•  Capacitance/dissipation factor testing device (tan delta)
•  Thermally Stimulated Discharge Currents (TSDC) Bench
•  1000 W LF Power signal generator BOP 72-14MG
•  1000 W LF Power signal generator BOP 20-50MG
•  8508A Reference Multimeter
•  9100 Universal Calibration System
•  DPO 4032 Oscilloscope
•  Programmable WSN Gateway NI 9792 with 10 programmable nodes
•  Specialized Software for Materials Characterization
•  Dielectrophoretic bench for nano and microparticles electromanipulation

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