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•  Measurement of lower and upper flammability limit of fuel-air gaseous mixtures and of the Limiting Oxygen Concentration (LOC) and of Minimum Inert Concentration (MIC) for fuel-air-inert gaseous mixtures
•  Measurement of the minimum ignition current and calculation of the minimum ignition energy of explosion initiation by low voltage electric sparks
•  Measurement of the quenching distance and calculation of the minimum ignition energy of explosion initiation by high voltage electric sparks
•  Measurement of minimum (critical) ignition temperature and of induction period of ignition for fuel-air and fuel-air inert gaseous mixtures with isothermally heated wires
•  Calculation of transient heat flux from the metallic wire to the flammable mixture, during explosion initiation
•  Measurement of peak explosion pressure and time to peak explosion pressure and calculation of maximum rate of pressure rise and of severity factor for confined explosions, in laboratory conditions (closed vessels with variable volume within 0.1 and 1.2 L)
•  Calculation of normal burning velocity and propagation speed for fuel-oxidant gaseous explosions
•  Computation of adiabatic flame temperatures and burned gas composition (in isobaric or isochoric combustion) and adiabatic explosion pressure (in isochoric combustion) by means of 0D computing programs
•  Computation of adiabatic normal burning velocity, temperature and chemical species profiles across a flame by means of 1D computing programs
•  Calculation of adiabatic severity factors, KG,ad
•  Calculation of vent area, for active protection devices against deflagrations (vents).
•  Training by post-graduate programs
•   Equipment for study of explosive processes of gaseous mixtures at total initial pressures between 0.2 – 2 bar and 20 – 250o C. Each set-up consists from a vacuum pump, metallic storage cylinders, digital manometers for various pressure ranges (0 – 1000 mbar abs; 1 bara-10 bara), explosion vessels
•   Equipment for study of decomposition process of reactive solids under linear temperature increase or isoperibolic regime: Lütolf oven, connected to a Cole Parmer temperature controller and an acquisition data system Keithley type 2700
•   Metallic explosion vessels, spherical or cylindrical with various inner volumes within 0.1 – 1.2 L. All vessels are tight up to a static pressure of 40 bar.
•   Electronic devices for controlled ignition of flammable mixtures by means of inductive-capacitive electric sparks, break sparks or by heated wires
•  Pressure transducers: piezoelectric, Kistler, type 601 A
•   Charge Amplifiers, Kistler type 5015
•  Charge Calibrator, Kistler type 5357
•  Digital Oscilloscope, 100 MHz, 4 channels, Tektronix type DPO 2014
•  Digital Oscilloscope, 100 MHz, 4 channels, Tektronix type TDS 2014B
•   Acquisition Data System, 4 channels, Tektronix TestLab type 2505
•  Acquisition Data System, 4 channels, Keithley Integra Series type 2700
•  Temperature controllers: Cole Parmer type REX P90 and AEM, type AEM 1RT96
•  Gas Chromatograph Trace GC (Thermo Fischer), 2 capillary columns, FID, HWD
•  Combustion gas analyzer Kane 455, for monitoring CO and CO2

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