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Last Update: 31.12.2014
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•  Portable GPS Garmin GPSMAP 78S
•  Night vision scounting camera Acorn Ltl 5310
•  Binoculars Leica Ultravid 10x50 HD-Plus
•  Electrofisher Smith-Root LR-24
•  Fish finder Humminbird 140c Fishin’ Buddy
•  Spotting Scope Victory DiaScope 85 T FL Carl Zeiss for Nature Observation
•  Tablet Computer with enhanced GPS accuracy for field work and in-situ data analysis, Trimble Yuma 2
•  Fully rugged laptop for in-situ data collection and analysis, Panasonic Toughbook
•  Multi-Parameter Water Quality Sonde YSI 6920 V2-2
•  Multiparameter Water Quality Sonde YSI EXO 2
•  Multi-Parameter Water Quality Sonde YSI 600 R
•  Multi-Parameter Water Quality Sonde PONSEL TRIPOD
•  Sonde for chlorophyll analysis with algae class determination BBE Moldaenke FluoroProbe
•  Remote Monitoring Station Data Logger – RX3000
•  Solar powered GPS-GSM Ecotone loggers for tracking birds during migration
•  Automated Soil Gas Flux System with temperature and humidity sensors for CO2 flow measurements in soil Li-Cor LI-8100A
•  6712FR Fiberglass Refrigerated Sampler
•  Precision pH meter inoLab pH 7310
•  Compact high-performance inverted microscope ECLIPSE TS100 by Nikon Instruments
•  Plant Canopy Analyzer LAI-2200
•  Portable HACH spectrophotometer
•  Element Analyzer Vario EL III
•  Spectrophotometer Perkin Elmer
•  Spectrophotometer UV-VIS / CECIL
•  Total Organic Carbon analyzer Shimadzu
•  Gas Chromatography system Varian
•  Stereo Microscope OLYMPUS SZ 6045
•  GIS Workstation Lenovo
•  GIS Workstation
•  GIS Software ArcGis 10.4
•  Photogrammetric image processing software AGISOFT
•  Remote Sensing, Photogrammetry and GIS processing software ERDAS IMAGINE
•  SUV Dacia Duster, 1.5 dCi 4x4
•  Mobile laboratory for in situ sampling and preliminary data analysis VW Transporter T4 Karmann
•  Pontoon (P.A., 6288)
•  Research ship Universitatea 3
•  Research ship Lugojelu
•  Speed boat Forward 520, Yamaha 60 HP
•  Rowing boat

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