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•  X- ray difraction characterization for thin films
•  Electrochemical investigations
•  DNA microarray slide, Protein microarray slide
•  DNA/protein microarray slide analysis
•  Electrochemical analyses
•  Fluorimetry/ fluorescence measurements
•  High resolution electrochemical probe scanning
•  Particle size and zeta potential measurements
•  Combined testing for reliability/durability of devices and microsystems: temperature, humidity, pressure, input voltage, vibrations, mechanical shocks.
•  Electrical Characterization of devices, materials, semiconductor processes
•  Particle Image Velocimetry for microfluidic systems
•  FTIR spectroscopy
•  UV-Vis-NIR Spectroscopy
•  High temperature processes
•  SEM imaging (topography, composition);
•  SEM imaging, ultra-high resolution, field emission.
•  Studies of mechanical properties of materials on small scales or near surfaces with high spatial resolution
•  Scanning Probe Microscopy characterization
•  Confocal, AFM, Near field scanning optical microscopy, Raman spectroscopy and imaging.
•  Technological processes in inert atmosphere
•  RAMAN Spectroscopy
•  Spectroscopic Ellipsometry
•  CAD, design, modelling and simulation for passive photonic and nonliniar components by FDTD (Finite-Difference Time-Domain) numerical method
•  CAD, design, modelling and simulation for optical waveguides and complex photonic integrated circuits by BPM method (beam propagation method).
•  Optical design software
•  2D/3D design and simulation of photonic components using FDTD (Finite-Difference Time-Domain) and FETD (Finite Element Time Domain)
•  Design software for diffraction grating-based waveguides and optical fibers
•  Semiconductor Heterostructure Modeling Software for optical systems with heterostructures and quantum wells from AIIIBV compounds.
•  Software for optical properties modeling of AIIIBV heterostructures based photonic and optoelectronic devices.
•  Rapid Prototyping and model creation
•  Design and optimization of microwave and millimeter wave components and circuits using 3D electromagnetic modeling coupled with linear and non-linear circuit analysis and optimization
•  Radiation characteristic and input matching bandwidth measurement for microwave and millimeter wave antennas (8 GHz – 110 GHz)
•  Experimental characterization of microwave and millimeter wave Tx/Rx systems and main parameter evaluation up to 110 GHz
•  Microwave and millimeter wave components and circuits characterization, with device and circuit parameter extraction based on measurement results (up to 110 GHz)
•  Computer Aided Design, Computer Aided Engineering, Rapid Prototyping
•  Design, modelling, simulation and optimization of micro-electro-mechanical (MEMS) and microfluidic systems in the field of micro-nano-bio/info technologies
•  Freeze drying procedures for all samples suited to be freeze dried
•  Surface Plasmon Resonance studies of bio-molecular interactions
•  Hydrothermal treatment of thin films based on graphene aerogel nanocomposites using sol-gel method.
•  Freeze-drying (lyophilization) treatment for carbon-based aerogels.
•  X-ray Thin film Difraction System (XRD) / SmartLab/Rigaku Corporation/ 2008
•  Potentiostat/galvanostat system - AUTOLAB 302N/ Metrohm Autolab B.V./ 2010
•  Micro-Nano Plotter - OmniGrid /Genomic Solutions Ltd./2005
•  Microarray Scanner - GeneTAC UC4/Genomic Solutions Ltd./2005
•  Electrochemical Impedance Spectrometer - PARSTAT 2273/ Princeton Applied Research/2008
•  Fluorescence Spectrometer - FLS920 /Edinburgh Instruments Ltd. /2010
•  Scanning Electrochemical Microscope (SECM) – ElProScan/ HEKA Elektronik Dr. Schulze GmbH /2009
•  Zeta Potential and Submicron Particle Size Analyzer/Beckman Coulter/2008
•  Climatic chambers: CH160/Angelantoni Test Technologies/2007; CH250 T VT/ Angelantoni Test Technologies /2009
•  Highly Accelerated Stress Test chamber (HAST) - EHS-211M/Espec/2008
•  Thermal shock chamber - TSE-11-A/Espec/2008
•  Universal oven with electrical testing - UFB400/Memmert/2008
•  Free fall shock machine - 0707-20/MRAD/2007
•  Vacuum oven - VO400/Memmert/2009
•  Electrodynamic vibration system with thermal and electrical tests – TV 55240/LS-180/Tira/2009
•  Mobile Thermal Airstream System - TP04300A/Temptronic/2007
•  Semiconductor Characterization System - 4200S/C/Keithley; with Manual Probe Station - EP6/SüssMicroTec
•  Micro-PIV system for Microfluidics (Particle Image Velocimetry) / Dantec Dynamics / 2011
•  FTIR spectrometer - Tensor 27/ Bruker Optics/2006
•  UV-Vis-NIR Spectrometer - AvaSpec-2048 TEC /Avantes/ 2006
•  Chamber furance - RHF 15/3 /CARBOLITE/2010
•  Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM), with Energy Dispersive X Ray Spectrometer (EDAX) /TESCAN/ 2006
•  Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM), ultra-high resolution - FEI Nova™ NanoSEM 630/FEI Company/2007
•  Nano Indenter - G200/ Agilent Technologies/ 2008
•  Scanning Probe Microscope (SPM) - Ntegra Aura/ NT-MDT Co./2007
•  Scanning Near-field Optical Microscope - Witec alpha 300S/Witec/2008
•  Special Laminar-Flow Recirculating Counter-Top Workstation (Glove box)/ Salare Inc./ 2008
•  High Resolution Raman Spectrometers - LabRAM HR 800/ Horiba Jobin Yvon/20016
•  3D Printer- EOS Formiga P100/ EOS GmbH/2008
•  Perfactory 3 Mini Multi Lens
•  Freeze dryer - Liofilizator

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