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•  Kinetics of the enzymatic and biochemical reactions
•  Photochemistry and photobiology
•  Energetic implications in the evolution of physical, chemical and biochemical fundamental process
•  Phenomenological and statistical thermodynamics of condensed systems
•  Thermodynamics of the irreversible process and Thermokinetics
•  Chemical modified electrodes. Preparations and applications
•  The electrochemical study of the organometallic complexes and bicontinuous emulsions
•  Electrochemical study of the drug-biopolymer and drug –surfactant interactions
•  Electrochemical and spectral studies coupled with molecular modeling for the characterization of electron transfer reactions
•  Spectroelectrochemistry UV-VIS and RES
•  The study of the radioactive pollution of the environment
•  Spectropolarimetrical investigations
•  The study of photophysical properties of heteroatomic compounds. Experimental and theoretical characterization of excited states. Intramolecular charge transfer (ICT) and twisted intramolecular charge transfer (TICT) states
•  Theoretical modeling by semiempirical, HF ab initio, and DFT of the chemical reactivity
•  The study of initiation and propagation of explosions
•  Kinetics of heterogeneous gas-solid systems
•  Obtaining and characterization of coloidal systems, synthesis of materials with 2D and 3D nanostructurated arhitectures
•  Synergetic effects in surfactants systems
•  Characterization of liquide and solide membranes
•  Synthesis of micro and nanostructured systems with low toxicity, biocompatible, study of the interaction with active biological substances, experiment- modelation correlation.
•  Colloidal systems with industrial applications (constructions, paint, hybrid materials), membranes, films as intelligent materials, food colloids
•  New nanocomposite biocompatible materials
•  Semiconductor nanoparticles (quantum dots) and upconversion nanoparticles dopped with rare earth ion - preparationand characterization
•  Monolayers, multilayers and thin films
•  Synthesis and study of polymeric aqueous dispersion systems (monodisperse nano and microparticles latex) with adhesive and coating properties
•  Matrix and biocomposites based on collagen with applications in soft and hard tissue reconstruction

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