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•  Equipment for Ozone Water Treatment
•  Equipment Jar - test
•  Equipment for the waste water treatment process
•  Equipment for the study of advanced water treatment
•  Grinding mill
•  Apparatus for determining the density of powders
•  Electronic analytical balances
•  Moisture Analyser
•  Granular particle separation system vibrating
•  Integrating sound level meter
•  IR infrared thermometer with laser
•  Station to monitor microclimate parameters
•  Air Sampling system for particulate matter and smoke
•  Gas analyzer with photo - ionisation detector
•  Binocular phase contrast microscope Novex
•  Imhoff cones
•  Calorimeter
•  Filtration system for the determination of impurities
•  System for determining biochemical oxygen
•  Mobile laboratory for chemical analysis of water by photometry
•  Mobile laboratory for water analysis
•  Fotocolorimetru multiparameter laboratory for wastewater analysis
•  Nivela Leica NA728
•  Flue gas analyzer GACO-SN, portable
•  Thermal Imager
•  Thermometer Raytek RAYNGER 3i Long Range IR series 95920050
•  Electric hearth furnace for fast melting and heating
•  Laboratory stand for rapid melting and gas analysis
•  Medium frequency induction furnace (100 kg)
•  Medium frequency induction furnace (10 kg)
•  Furnace flame
•  Cupola furnace
•  Equipment to determine the solid shrinkage
•  Core Shooting Machine
•  Core-Blowing Machine
•  Molding machine in metallic mold by gravity alloy
•  Sand Content Test Kit +GF+
•  Jar-Squeeze Machine
•  Blade-paddle mixer
•  Simpson type roller mixer
•  Installation for Vacuum-molding and cored execution
•  Digital Temperature Measurement System - Thermocouples
•  Atomic absorption spectrometer - SHIMADZU AA-6800
•  Spectrophotometer - Specord M80
•  Chemical niche AQUARIA ACTIVA
•  Stirrer with orbital rotation-oscillation and thermostat cupola with accessories
•  Drying chambers for laboratory with forced convection
•  Multiparameter WTW MULTILINE IDS
•  Multiparameter pH/ORP/ISE and EC/TDS/Resistivity/Salinity Benchtop Meter
•  Analytical balance Kern
•  Semianalytic electronic balance
•  Water distiller
•  Heated magnetic stirrer
•  Apparatus for analyzing soil permeability soil water
•  Sand bath
•  Soxhlet device
•  Agitating installation by balancing for bioextraction of heavy metals from polluted soils
•  Stand laboratory for in situ bioleaching
•  Stand laboratory for soil washing
•  Mini greenhouse
•  Potentiostat
•  Salt Spray Chamber
•  Determination and estimation of Corrosivity of atmospheres
•  Hull cell
•  Thermogravimeter
•  Madur GA12 Gas analyzer
•  Rothemberg Gas analyzer
•  Testo 435 indor air quality analyzer
•  Infralyt T
•  Infralyt 8
•  Termoanemometer
•  Rothameter
•  Bresser microscope
•  Ultrasonic barh
•  Analogic luxmeter
•  Sonometer
•  UV bactericide lamp
•  Multiple capture pollutant stand
•  Vacuum pump Gast RTD 492
•  Analytical balance 0.01 mg precision
•  Analytical balance 0.1 mg precision
•  Analytical balance Jena
•  Stand for measuring the characteristics of porous filter media
•  Stand for measuring concentrations of dust in the atmosphere and inner characteristics of fibers and fabric filter media
•  Stand for measuring gas concentrations using sinks
•  Analogic stand for TOC measurement
•  Stand treatment parameters for measuring the filtration bags
•  Stand for measuring the parameters of purifying installations using tangential cyclones
•  Stand for measuring gas absorbance in IR and Vis
•  Stand for measuring the absorbance of gas using laser diode
•  Stand for measuring the parameters of electrostatic purification methods

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